Tuesday, January 29, 2019

From Now On It Is Me Who Speaks

A Partir de Maintenant, C'est moi qui parle!

The sender wrote the translation:
From now on, it is me who speaks!

He also wrote:
Dear Brenda and Jack,
I send you my best wishes of happiness for your union with this humorous postcard.  My wife and I just celebrated our 57th year of marriage!
Best regards,

This postcard was made by 'les animaux de Barberousse' (Barbarossa's animals).  It was postmarked in 2018 from France.

Filling Up, Beer in a Gas Pump from Ireland


Murphy's Irish Stout
Lady's Well Brewery
Cork - Ireland

Filling up in Ireland.

Photo: Liam Blake

This postcard was postmarked in 2018 and features a gas pump filled with beer!  I know so many people who would love one of these.  

One More Payment and It's Ours!

One More Payment ...
And it's ours!

Photo by Jim Doane

I actively look for shacks, ruined buildings, etc postcards like this.  This one was postmarked from South Carolina in 2013. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Animals Poop in Water

The Florida Aquarium

Please keep hands out of water.
Animals poop in it.

Our Mission is to entertain, educate and inspire stewardship about our natural environments.

Rich Howard Photography 2013.



This postcard is from 2012. 

Monday, November 12, 2018

Ladies Weighing Themselves, Can This be True?

Voiko tämä olla tottakaan?
Vaaka taitaa näyttää ihan omiaan!

loose translation from Finnish:

Can this be true?
The future seems to be so good!


I have amazing girlfriends, but we NEVER get on the scale and weigh ourselves in front of each other.  

A Bear Pooping in the Woods in Alaska

Only in Alaska!
Do Bears 'poop' in the woods?

Photo: Santora / Aglioto

The sender writes:
Just is case you were wondering what bears do in the woods.....


Viking Laws

Viking Laws

Be direct
Grab all opportunities
Use varying methods of attack
Be versatile and agile
Attack on target at a time
Don't plan everything in detail
Use top quality weapons

Keep weapons in good condition
Keep in shape
Find good battle comrades
Agree on important points
Choose one chief

Find out what the market needs
Do not promise what you can't keep
Do not demand overpayment
Arrange things so that you can return

Keep things tidy and organized
Arrange enjoyable activities which strengthen the group
Make sure everybody does useful work
Consult all member of the group for advice

This postcard is from Norway, The Wisdom of the Vikings.  Design and Idea: Amber


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Woman Hiding in a Golf Bag

It's the only way I could get your attention!

National Postcard Week
May 1-7, 2011

I hope you get a bag full of National Post Card Week Postcards.  I've made this card especially for you.  Hope you like it & will trade with me.

This postcard is from Barb Turnbull and is limited edition number 62 of 250.  The art is by Denise Daly. 

An Irish Blessing

An Irish Blessing

As you slide down the banister of life, may the splinters never point the wrong way.

Greetings from Ireland

Liffey Artefacts 2008

A Pig Who is Happy to Gain Weight

Mita enemman kiloja, sita laajempi skaala iloja

I think this translates to something like:

With more pounds there is more joy.

The artist is: Koontz

This funny pig postcard was bought in Finland in 2017. 

Friday, May 5, 2017

Two Punny Hockey Postcards from Canada

The Eh Team

Both of these postcards are from the Grimm Sports Collection.

Monday, April 10, 2017

You Look Gourd-geous

You Look Gourd-Genus

The sender writes:
You always look gorgeous!