Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Love Lucy, "Be a Pal"

I Love Lucy
"Be a Pal" (on the set October 22, 1951)

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Lucy is concerned with Ricky's behavior while they eat breakfast. He reads the newspaper and never answers any of her questions. He doesn't even notice when she leaves the room.

Ethel, seeing Lucy is upset, tries to offer advice by recommending a book: How to Keep the Honeymoon from Ending by Dr. Humphries. Ethel reads to Lucy who can't believe how accurate the book is. Following the book's idea Lucy decides to dress up and look glamorous for Ricky tomorrow.

Wearing an evening gown with her hair and makeup perfect, Lucy greets Ricky only to find no difference in his behavior.

Chapter two of the book suggests that Lucy join in Ricky's hobbies. Lucy decides to join Ricky and Fred in their poker game. Unwittingly, Lucy keeps winning. First with a full house and then with a "pair" of a six and nine. The result was an angry Ricky who continues to ignore her.

Chapter three suggests that Lucy remind Ricky of his childhood. With Ethel's help, Ricky returns home to find a Spanish decorated apartment with a burro to boot. Remembering that Ricky's mother was a singer and dancer, Lucy performs along with a record of Carmen Miranda. Hilarity ensues when the record speeds up and slows down with Lucy trying to keep up. Ricky convinces her that he loves just the way she is.

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